Mounting Somnofy on the ceiling

This article shows you how to mount Somnofy on the ceiling

  • Mount the ceiling bracket so that Somnofy can point towards the chest of the service recipient in bed.
  • Make sure you have safe access to electricity and that the cable is not hanging down from the ceiling.
  • Tip: use a cable rail to ensure that the cable lies still and that it looks nice. You can buy this at most shops that sell electronics (Elkjøp, Power, Biltema, Julia, etc.)
  • Measure the distance from the Somnofy device to the bed, and set this distance in the device settings.

Equipment and partsTakmontering


Mounting instructions


Remove the back cover of the Somnofy

    • Use screwdriver T8
    • Keep both the screws and back cover for later

Make room for the cable

    • Use a pair of pliers and "cut away" the marked area in the plastic

Attach the ceiling bracket to the ceiling with the cord in it

    • Attach the ceiling bracket using the supplied screws.
    • Drill only on plaster or concrete.
    • The best position on the ceiling is above the chest of the person to be measured.
    • Pull the cable out a little as shown in the picture.
3 Connect to the Somnofy device
    • Use the "90 degree adapter" as in the picture.
    • Make sure the adapter is properly attached to the Somnofy device.

Push the Somnofy unit to the ceiling mount

    • Carefully pushed into place.
    • It's a good idea to pull the cable out a little at the same time as you push.

Attach the cord to the ceiling and connect to the power supply

    • Use a cable rail to prevent the cable from hanging down from the ceiling.
    • Connect to power.

If there is a large distance from the Somnofy unit in the ceiling to the power socket, it is possible to order an extra long cable. Contact support if you need help.