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Can I use Somnofy if I share a bed with someone?

Yes, Somnofy can be used even when sharing a bed, but you have to remember to set the correct maximum distance in the app.

Somnofy only records, what we like to call, "the closest breathing being". Make sure you set up your device in such a way that your partner is never closer to the device than you. It is recommended to use the bedside stand when sharing a bed. 

Furthermore, it is important to change the device distance to ensure that Somnofy will not start recording your partner when you're not in bed. Simply measure the distance between the Somnofy unit and the middle of the bed, and set this measurement as the maximum distance in the app (or in health.somnofy.com for Health&Welfare).

It is also recommended to check if the distance setting is properly set after a night's sleep. The three following cases can happen:

  1. The distance is set too long
    This is only a problem if you sleep with a partner. Then, if you get up first, the Somnofy will continue the sleep session and record your partner instead. This will lead to an inaccurate sleep analysis. Lower the maximum distance in the settings.
  2. The distance is set too short

    This will show up in two different ways: Either the sleep session will be very short and will not match your intended sleep and wake-up, or show that you have been out of bed several times during the night. The Sleep Coach in the Somnofy app (for Consumers) will alert you if the distance is too short. Increase the maximum distance in the settings.

  3. The distance is set optimally
    Good job! You can continue using Somnofy as is.

This process can take some time, but after a few days of trial and error, you should be able to find the optimal distance.


Note that you would need one Somnofy device on each side of the bed if you would like to measure both people.