Somnofy contactless sleep and breathing monitor

Somnofy is being used by several Norwegian institutions to observe and measure sleep quality and respiratory rate.

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Sleep disorders are very common; so widespread that the Norwegian National Institute of Public Health has described them as one of the country's most underestimated public health problems. VitalThings wants to help focus on good sleep as a crucial factor for good health - in addition to nutrition and activity.

Reduced sleep quality is a major and growing global health challenge. Poor night's sleep affects the activity during the day and results in poorer weight regulation - which in turn leads to lifestyle diseases and poor quality of life.

Somnofy is a result of more than 8 years of research and is the world's most accurate contactless sleep monitor. It has been developed in close collaboration with universities and the medical environment in Norway.

Somnofy measures sleep, respiratory rate, restlessness, and a variety of other data without the user having to have anything on their body. It is a valuable support tool for anyone concerned with the user's health. Somnofy has functions for both continuous monitoring in real-time and history for detailed user follow-up.

Real-time monitoring of sleep and breathing

Digital Supervision is an area of ​​focus for the Norwegian Directorate of Health's goal of using and trying out new technology in the welfare context. Somnofy provides increased insight and security at the institution and at home with real-time measurement of both sleep and breathing. This allows the night caregiver to prioritize residents who are struggling to fall asleep, rather than disturbing those who are sleeping soundly. Continuous follow-up of the respiration rate can help to detect a deteriorating health situation and infections faster than usual and contribute to a shorter response time. Custom alerts enable quick and safe physical inspection when needed. Signals and data from Somnofy can be integrated with standardized alert systems.

Detailed user follow-up offers many new possibilities

Somnofy conducts automatic measurements of the user and the information is sent up to the cloud every 30 seconds. The data is then processed in advanced algorithms before finished analyzes are made available to users both on mobile devices and on the web. Historical data on sleep quality and respiratory rate are well suited to tell someone about general health. When measuring over time, you can map what is normal sleep and breathing frequency for the user. Measurements that deviate from an established "normal situation" can indicate a change in the state of health and provide a basis for examination and increased attention. Historical measurements and the status of both sleep and breathing give health workers new opportunities for increased user follow-up. The user's sleep/breathing history provides a good picture of the status before any measures are initiated. After measures, one can see what effect this has had on the user's / patient's sleep and breathing rate. In this way, Somnofy can be used as a valuable tool in the improvement work.

Interested in more information?

If you work as a caregiver in the health and welfare industry and if you want more information on how Somnofy can be utilized to improve sleep and to monitor respiration rate you may contact us by email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Knut Jarle Lysklett
Product Manager Health and Welfare, Vital Things