Introduction to the Dashboard

This article introduces the Dashboard Overview at

The dashboard overview shows the current status of all service recipients in the selected zone that is connected to an online Somnofy device.

The dashboard overview opens automatically when logging in to The overview updates automatically every 10s. You will find the Dashboard from the administration system in the menu bar at the top.



The information displayed on the Dashboard Overview is approximately 1-2 minutes late. Sudden changes to the overview must not trigger immediate alarm preparedness by the staff, and Somnofy is not to be regarded as an emergency patient notification system.

image-png-Feb-20-2024-09-07-36-4032-AMAt the top left is the name of the Somnofy device. This is initially the unit's serial number but is most often changed to a typical room number or similar. The subject ID is displayed directly below, an anonymized ID that can, for example, be the user's Gerica ID.

In the middle, an icon based on the current status is displayed that matches the color of the field (dark gray = sleeping). The status is described and is followed by time information about how long the status has been this way. Here, we see that the person has slept for the last 14 hours.

At the bottom of the field, information is displayed on how much movement the service recipient shows and the measured breathing rate. Movement is always displayed when the service recipient is present. Breathing rate is only shown when Somnofy can lock the measurement on breathing - i.e., only if the upper body movements do not overshadow the breathing rate and thus make the measurements uncertain. When your breathing rate is displayed, you can trust it.