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My Somnofy device is locked or unavailable

This article explains what you can do to unlock a locked or unavailable Somnofy device

If your Somnofy device is locked or unavailable, it means that the device is already connected to another user. Then, there are a couple of options for freeing the device:

1. You know who has used the device before you
(for use by Somnofy Research and app.somnofy.com)

In some cases, Somnofy units will be rolled out between employees who want to measure themselves for a period. Then, you may discover that the Somnofy unit you are going to take over is still linked to another employee.

If your Somnofy device is a Research device, and you know the person who has used the device before you, they can release the device for you. To remove their ownership, they must log into the Somnofy Reseach app and go to device settings on their old device. Under Advanced it is possible to remove their ownership. Then, the device will be ready to be set up again.

2. The device is already connected to the same tenant but is in the wrong zone
(for use of Somnofy Connect and health.somnofy.com)

Municipalities with many Somnofy units often have a couple of units in reserve. These may be connected to their workspace but located in a restricted zone called, for example, "Storage. "

If your new Somnofy device is already connected to your tenant but is located in an inaccessible zone, you can ask the System Owner (often the Welfare Technology Coordinator or a Head of Department) to move it for you.

3. You do not know the previous owner

If your Somnofy device is unavailable and you do not know who has used it previously, you can contact Vitalthings Support to have it unlocked. Submit a request that says "Locked Device," and remember to include the device's serial number in the description.

The serial number is on the sticker on the underside of Somnofy's head and is formatted S/N: VTXXXXX. Sending the last four letters to Support is sufficient.