Create Subject

This article summarizes how to create a new service recipient to be measured by Somnofy at

CREATE button:

In the web interface of, we have built in a "multifunction button" for everything to be created. You can reach this button everywhere. It allows you to create subjects, users, and zones. Here, we have collected all promotions in one and the same button.

In the portal, select Administration from the top menu bar. Navigate to the zone in which you want to create a Subject.

Now when you press the Create button select Subject.


The service recipient is now automatically added to the zone you have selected in the first instance. You can still change which zone the service recipient is to be created in, if desired.

Now fill in the information that links the service recipient to the Gerica ID or serial number in the institution. You can use an additional description, for example, the address for the home service. Select the correct gender and year of birth for the Subject and press Create at the bottom of the page.

Congratulations! You have now created a Subject.


In order for you to collect sleep data for this service recipient, it must be connected to an existing Somnofy device via the Device Settings.